Doral Health Connect’s Care Management team along with Customized monitoring devices will help employees focus on how to optimize their lifestyle. Our devices will give your care manager real time information that will allow them to assist you in making good health decisions that will improve your current health status, create effective care plans and interventions for a better outcome.
From the employees initial comprehensive care management evaluation and until care plan goals are reached, we will ensure that you are confident in managing your health, your lifestyle is improved, and your outcomes is one that you are proud of. Employees who take advantage of the RPM program can prevent trips to the emergency room and in some cases avoid the need for one to be admitted.
Employees are eligible to be enrolled into the Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Program if you have a chronic condition that requires monitoring by:
  • Blood Glucose Monitor
  • Blood pressure Cuff
  • Digital Weight Scale
  • Pulse Oximeter
Discuss with your care manager how RPM can help you with your care. Contact the Department of Employee Health & Wellness for additional information.

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