Doral Health Connect along with Doral Health & Wellness have partnered together to provide you with Doral Employee Occupational Health & Wellness. This partnership is convenient access to medical care and programs, to improve employees’ health and wellness.
To show you our appreciation and recognition for all your hard work, we are rolling out numerous programs and incentives.
Introducing our Employee Health Wellness Club where you can earn prizes while improving your health status. Employees that have chronic conditions are eligible to enroll in our Care Management program and receive services and support to maintain their health and improve their outcomes. The program entails receiving weekly wellness calls, FREE remote monitoring devices, establishing goals, and more to control your health. Upon meeting your established goals, you will receive a reward.
By enrolling, you will be able to access live and recorded classes provided through GlobalFit for Yoga and Fitness classes. You will also have access to discounted products and services through Working Advantage, for many areas of interest. You will receive discounts for amusement parks, dining, and other outdoor activities for you and your family.
Contact the Department of Doral Employee Health& Wellness for further information.

Benefits of Employee Occupational Health and Wellness

Employer engagement

At Doral Health Connect Employee Health & Wellness Department, we work closely with our clients to make sure that you and your employees maintain optimal health throughout the year. With us, your employees can schedule their screenings.

Employee Engagement

With us, employees have a heap of services at their disposal from scheduling your mandatory annual physicals to enjoying fitness and wellness classes.

Clear Communications

Communications and reporting are essential for a successful Employee Occupational Health & Wellness Program. That's why at Doral Employee Health, we communicate employee treatment status on our Healow-powered app.