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Fitness is defined as “the ability to perform daily activities with the highest performance, strength, and endurance possible”. There are many things that one can incorporate into their day-to-day lives in order to become and remain fit. Fitness will improve your behaviors, improve productivity, reduce stress, and will contribute to an improved and healthier lifestyle.  Exercising is one way to become and remain fit. Exercising can reduce stress, increase energy, and improve your overall mood. Studies show that exercising gives your brain a break and may improve your memory.  Simple things like walking briskly for an hour or Yoga classes can cause changes in your brain that improve cognitive skills. Physical exercise provides your body with more energy and will improve your brain /mental output. Other techniques like mediation will help you focus and improve your concentration.
Doral Health Connect and GlobalFit have collaborated to offer employees fitness classes at no cost. Services are offered virtually so employees can utilize services as they choose. Fitness will improve your behaviors, improve productivity, reduce stress levels, and will contribute to an improved and healthier lifestyle. GlobalFit provides employees with access to the following:
  • Free on-demand content and curated workouts from top fitness brands
  • Free live-streaming classes
  • Robust network of studios, gyms, and trainers
  • Low cost, high-value fitness app
GlobalFit | Preventative Benefits for Employees and Members
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