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To maintain HR compliance of the employees’ health records is one of the bigger challenges employers must deal with. Many employers must obtain pre-employment physicals, vaccine history, and lab results. Many employers must also get updated annual physicals of their employees as well. Doral Health Connect offers a complete Employee Health solution. With a push of a button, an Employer can upload the detailed health status of all their employees and Doral will assist in multiple areas. Our system is designed to import all these records automatically and identify who is due for updated medicals, based on the date of the most recent health record on file.

Doral Health Connect will auto-text to each employee, 30 days prior to their due date, a link to our virtual telehealth department. The employee can schedule themselves for a televisit with our medical staff, from the comfort of their mobile device. Once the visit is complete, the employee assessment forms will be completed and stored on the Healow-powered app. Our bidirectional API will auto-update the employer’s records with the most recent dates of the medical visit. This saves the employers the task of maintaining HR medical records. Doral Health Connect portal is a robust document management platform where all medical records are stored and can be retrieved at any time. Either the employee or employer can log into the portal, pending on login credentials, and retrieve records that they have access to.

Wage Parity: Doral Health Connect Employee Health department also offers a complete Wage Parity health program. Our system allows for the monthly import of benefit amounts for each individual employee as per their work history and accrued benefits. We can bill the employer, or employer TPA, who typically manages.


Doral Employee Health enables employees to embrace the emergence of video health technology to adapt to today’s new normal
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