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The Chronic Care Program at Doral Health Connect is designed for employees with 1 or more chronic conditions. An employee that has been diagnosed by a healthcare provider with a chronic condition, can contact the Employee Health Department to enroll.

  1. The Employee Health Department will notify the Care Management team of the employees’ interest in the program and the onboarding team will reach out for initial contact.
  2. The Care Manager will reach out to the employee within 24 to 48 business hours and introduce the program.

Overview includes program details, including assessment and development of person-centered care plan which will identify the employee’s condition, interventions, and goals to maintain their health and wellness. The employee will receive Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) devices as needed to achieve or meet their goals.

The employee will communicate with their assigned Case Manager for few minutes weekly, to discuss their care plan and goals achieved. In the case an employee’s monitoring devices is presenting out of range readings, the case manager will reach out to the employee to provide the necessary interventions to control the employee’s illness. Engagement can be anywhere from 3 months or longer, contingent on the employees needs and/or progress upon meeting goals, an employee is eligible to elect an incentive. Incentives will be disbursed as follows: 

  • 3 months – $20.00 Amazon Card
  • 6 months – $30.00 Amazon Card
  • 9 months – $40.00 Amazon Card


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